Common Verb List

Friday, March 06, 2015


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añadir, agregar to add
abrazar to hug
abrir to open
acabar (de) to have just, to finish
acabar to finish
aceptar to accept
acordarse to be in agreement
acostar(se) to go to bed
acusar to accuse
adivinar to guess
admirar to admire
admitir to admit
afeitarse to shave
agarrar to get, to grab
agradecer to thank
ahorrar to save
alcanzar to reach
alegrarse to be glad
almorzar to eat lunch
amar to love
anotar to write down, to note
anunciar to announce, to advertise
apagar to turn off
aparacer to appear, to show up
aprender to learn
aprobar to pass a course/exam
arreglar to fix
arreglarse to get oneself ready
asistir (a) to assist
asustarse, tener miedo to be scared
atacar to attack
atender to take care of, to attend to
atraer to attract
avanzar to advance, to move forward
averiguar to find out
avisar to advise, to let know
ayudar to help
bañarse to bathe (oneself)
bailar to dance
bajar to go down, to lower
beber to drink
borrar to erase
botar to boot, to throw away
brincar, saltar to jump
brindar to toast
burlarse to make fun of
buscar to look for, to search for
caber to fit
caer to fall
calentarse to warm up
callarse to be quiet
cambiar to change
caminar to walk
cancelar to cancel
cansarse to get tired
cantar to sing
cargar to carry, to recharge
casarse to get married
celebrar to celebrate
cenar to dine, to eat dinner
cepillarse to brush
cerrar to close
charlar to chat, to talk
chocar to crash
cobrar to charge, cash (a check)
cocinar to cook
comer to eat
comprar to buy
concentrar to concentrate
conducir, manejar to drive
confirmar to confirm
conocer to be familiar with, to meet
conseguir to obtain, to get
considerar to consider
construir to construct
contar (o:ue) to tell
contar con to count on..
contestar to answer
continuar to continue
contribuir to contribute
convencer to convince
conversar to chat, to converse
convertir to convert, to change
corregir to correct
correr to run
cortar to cut
costar (u:ue) to cost
crear to create
crecer to grow
creer to believe
criar to raise
criarse to grow up, to be raised
cruzar to cross
cubrir to cover
cuidarse to take care of one’s self
cumplir to fulfill, to carry out
dar to give
darse cuenta to realize
darse por vencido to give up
deber + infinitive to have to + infinitive, to must
decidir to decide
declarar to declare
declinar to decline, to slip, to wane
dedicarse a to devote oneself (work)
dejar to leave, to leave behind
depender to depend
depositar to deposit
desaparecer to disappear
desayunar to eat breakfast
descansar to rest
describir to describe
descubrir to discover
desear to desire
despedirse to say goodbye
despertarse to wake up
destruir to destroy
devolver to return (an object)
dibujar to draw
dirigir to direct
discutir to discuss, to debate
disparar to shoot (gun)
distraer to distract
divertirse to have fun
doblar to turn, to fold
dolar (o:ue) to hurt
dormir to sleep
ducharse to shower
dudar to doubt
durar to last
empezar, comenzar to begin, to start
emplear to employ
enamorarse to fall in love
encantar to love, to adore (things)
encontrar to find, to encounter
enfermarse to get sick
enfriar to cool
enojarse to get angry
enseñar to teach
ensuciar to get dirty
entender, comprender to understand
entrar to enter
entregar to deliver
enviar, mandar to send
equivocarse to be mistaken
escoger to choose
esconder to hide
escribir to write
escuchar to listen
esperar to hope
esquiar to ski
establecer to establish
estar (irreg.) to be (temporary condition)
estar de acuerdo to be in agreement
estar ocupado to be busy
estar ubicado to be located
estudiar to study
exigir to demand
existir to exist
experimentar to experiment, to experience
explicar to explain
expresar to express
faltar to lack
fascinar to fascinate
firmar to sign
formar to form, to shape
fumar to smoke
funcionar to function, run (machine)
ganar to win
gastar to spend
graduarse to graduate
gritar to scream
guardar to keep, to maintain
guiar to guide
gustar to please, to be pleasing
hablar to speak
hacer to do
hacer daño to be harmful/damaging
hacerse to become
imaginarse to imagine
importar to be important
inclinar to incline, to tilt, to slope
incluir to include
indicar to indicate
insistir to insist
intentar to attempt
interesar to interest, be interested in
interrumpir to interrupt
invitar to invite
ir (irreg.) to go
irse to leave, to go away, to depart
jugar to play (a game)
juzgar to judge
lavar to wash
lavar(se) to wash (oneself)
leer to read
limpiar to clean
llamar to call
llamar la atención to get someone’s attention
llamar(se) to call oneself
llegar to arrive
llenar to fill, to fill out
llevar to carry, to bring
llevarse bien con to get along well with
lleventar to lift
lleventar(se) to wake up, to get up
llorar to cry
llover to rain
lograr to get, to obtain, to achieve
mantener to maintain
marcar to dial, to mark
matar to kill
mejorarse to improve
mencionar to mention
mentir to lie
merecer to deserve
mirar to watch, to look at
morder to bite
morir to die
mostrar (o:ue), enseñar to show
mover to move
nacer to be born
nadar to swim
necesitar to need
nevar to snow
oír to hear
ocupar to occupy
ocurrir to occur
ofrecer to offer
oler to smell
olvidarse to forget
ordenar to order (command)
organizar to organize
pagar to pay
parar to stop
parecer to seem, to appear
participar to participate
partir to divide, to leave
pasar to spend time, to happen
pasar por to pass by
pasearse to take a walk
pedir to order (request)
pegar to hit
pelear to fight
pensar (i:ie) to think
perder to lose
permitir to permit
pintar to paint
planear, planificar to plan
poder to be able
poner to put
ponerse de pie to stand up
practicar to practice
preferir to prefer
preguntar to ask (a question)
prender to switch on (light)
preocuparse to worry
preparar to prepare
presentar to introduce
prestar to loan
prestar atención, hacer caso to pay attention
probar (o:ue) to try, to taste, to sample
producir to produce
prometer to promise
pronunciar to pronounce
proponer to propose
proteger to protect
quebrarse to break
quedar to be left
quedarse to remain, to stay
quejarse to complain
quemarse to burn
querer to want, to love
quitar to quit, to finish, to steal
quitarse to take off, to remove oneself
reírse to laugh
realizar to achieve, to accomplish
recibir to receive, to welcome or greet
recoger to pick up
reconocer to recognize
recordar to remember, to remind
regalar to give as a present
registrar to register
regresar to return
reparar to repair
repetir to repeat
requerir to require
reservar to reserve
resolver to resolve
responder to respond
resultar to turn out (to be)
retrasar to delay
reunirse to meet, to reunite
robar to steal
romper(se) to break (oneself)
saber to know (information)
sacar to take out, to stick out
salir to leave, to go out
salir bien to turn out (well)
saludar to greet
secarse to dry (oneself) off
seguir to follow, to continue
sentarse to sit down
sentir to feel, to regret
sentirse to feel (well or ill)
separar to separate
ser (irreg.) to be (permanent condition)
servir to serve
sesgar to skew
solicitar to solicit
soltar to let go
sonar to sound, to ring
soñar con to dream about
sonreír to smile
sorprender to surprise
subir to go up
sufrir to suffer
sugerir to suggest
suministrar to supply
suponer to suppose
tener (irreg.) to have
tener que (irreg.) to have to
tener razón to be right
terminar to finish, to terminate
tirar to throw
tocar to touch, to play (an instrument)
tomar to take (to drink)
trabajar to work
traducir to translate
traer to bring, to get, to carry
tratar de to try to, to attempt to
usar to use
utilizar to use, to utilize
valer to be worth
valer la pena to be worth the trouble
vencer to conquer, to overcome
vender to sell
venir to come
vestirse to get dressed
viajar to travel, to voyage
visitar to visit
vivir to live
volar to fly
volver to return, to go back

Phrases: Present Indicative, Preterite, Imperfect

Practice: Recognition | Recall | None | Shuffle
¿Cómo añado amigos a mi libreta de direcciones? How do I add friends to my address book?
¿Añedes azúcar a tus bebidas? Do you add sugar to your drinks?
Juan añede leche a su café. Juan adds milk to his coffee.
Añedimos Pedro a nuestro grouo We add Pedro to our group.
Unos libros añeden muchas horas de diversión. A few books add many hours of fun.
La obra maestra comenzó como un experimento. The masterpiece began as an experiment.
El creó esta ciudad. He created this city.
Puedes hacer lo que quieras con ellos. You can do what you want with them.
Aquí te mostramos algunas de las mejores. Here we will show you some of the best.
La litertad que ofrece este juego es maravillosa. The freedom that this game offers is marvellous.
No fue hecha por aficionados. It wasn't built for afficionados.
Tengo algo que quiero mostrarte. I have something I want to show you.
Tienes una cantidad infinita de botellas. You have an infinite quantity of bottles.

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