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Monday, September 07, 2015


Practice: Recognition | Recall | None | Shuffle
validez validity
temeroso (-a) fearfully
alumbrar to light
sórdido (-a) sordid, sleazy
aplastar to crush, to overwhelm
rincón (masc.) corner, nook
veneno (masc.) venom
contraarrestar to counteract
maledicencia (fem.) evil-speaking, bad-mouth
semejante similar
prever to forsee, to anticipate
exigir to demand
pérfido (-a) perfidious, decietful
soberbia (fem.), orgullo (masc.) pride
soportable bearable
reconfortante comforting, heartwarming
sutilísimo (-a) subtlest
ternura (fem.) tenderness
compadecer to pity
cansancio (masc.) tiredness
acudir to go/come (for a specific purpose), to show up
excéntrico (-a) eccentric
débil weak
necia foolish
sólido (-a) solid, well-made
encima on top, above, as well
multitud (fem.) crowd
colocar to place
aprovechar to take advantage of, to benefit
vereda (fem.) sidewalk, pathway
tropezar to trip over, to stumble
mujeriego (masc.) womanizer
ajeno (-a) alian
atolondramiento (-a) thoughtlessness
expuesto (-a) exposed, displayed
quemar to burn
vacilar to hesitate, to waver
rasgo (masc.) trait
mero (-a) mere, simple
deprimir to depress
malhadado (-a) ill-fated
jerga (fem.) jargon
desengaño (masc.) disillusion
reventar to burst, to blow up
cajón (masc.) drawer
renombre (masc.) renown
manicomio (masc.) madhouse
elogiar to praise, to commend
aseado (-a) neat
genitourinario filthy, potty, (genital+uniary)
atestar overcrowd
amontonamiento (masc.) crowding, heaping
fondo (masc.) depth
cirujano (-a) surgeon
bisturí (masc.) scalpal
entablillar to splint
advertir to warn
consejo (masc.) advise
aconsejar to advise
asomarse to peek out, to lean out
disminuir to diminish
factible feasible
gestión (fem.) management
hierro (masc.) iron
ralear to become thin
hervidero (masc.) swarm
vertiginoso (-a) vertiginous, dizzy
aferrar to cling
latir to beat, to throb
desencadenar to trigger, to unchain
detener to stop, to detain
arrastrar to drag, to haul
murmurar to murmur
rama (fem.) branch
atrás behind, after
apretar to tighten
prometer to promise
escrutar to scrutinize
castaño (-a) chestnut (coloured)
aparentar to feign
canas (fem.) grey hair
indicio (masc.) indication
apretar to tighten
arruga (fem.) wrinkle
acaso perhaps
enfurecer(se) to infuriate
elogiar to praise
amargado (-a) bitter
reprochar to reproach
asco (masc.) disgust
mandíbula (fem.) jaw
fijar focus, fasten, look at
tentar to tempt, to entice, to grope
sonámbulo (-a) sleepwalker
eligible praiseworthy
reponer to reply
clavar to nail, to stick
ablandar to soften
colgar to hang
vuelco (masc.) upset, commotion
tubo (masc.) tube
emocionar to excite
codicia (fem.) greed, cupidity
avidez (fem.) avidity, greed
hacer constar to record
enorgullecer to make proud
petulancia (fem.) petulance
ausente absent
mucamo (-a) maid
estante (masc.) shelf
sillón (masc.) armchair
vistazo (masc.) glance
ciego (-a) blind man (woman)
vinculación (fem.) linkage
ligero (-a) lightweight, faint, mild
disculparse to apologize
ceguera (fem.) blindness
ansiar to yearn
alcazar to attain, to reach
sobre (masc.) envelope
abstraído (-a) abstracted
apuro (masc.) trouble
estancia (fem.) small farm
zozobra (fem.) anxiety, worry
despejarse to brighten
húmedo (-a) wet, humid
comprometer to compromise
pertenencia (fem.) membership
respetuosamente respectfully
vacilación (fem.) hesitation
encoger to shrink
encogerse de hombres to shrug (one's shoulders)
inconcebible unthinkable
pereza (fem.) laziness
enrevesado (-a) convoluted, complicated
obedecer to obey
limosnas (fem.) alms, charity
mendigo (-a) beggar
pedazo (masc.) piece
asegurar ensure
sobrellevar to endure
derrumbar to overthrow
rogar to pray
alentar to encourage
arrepentir to be sorry, to regret
desbordante overflowing
ternura (fem.) tenderness
disminuir to reduce, to decrease
riesgo (masc.) risk
cuchichear whisper
burlar to outwit, outsmart, taunt
ingenuidad naivety
vislumbrar to glimpse
perfil (masc.) profile, outline
retirar to remove, withdraw, retire
disconsolate (-a) bereaved, disconsolate
tuteado familiarly
vidrio (masc.) glass (pane of)
mudo (-a) mute, dumb, silent
escueto (-a) brief
atroces atrocious
atinar to guess correctly, to hit the target
contratar to contract
distintamente distinctly
enceguecer to blind
estrujar to squeeze
gemir to moan, to whimper,to wail
acariciar to caress
espiar to spy
resorte (masc.) spring
sacudir to shake up
abatir to bring down, to demolish
dolorido (-a) sore, painful, aching
tontería (fem.) foolish remark or action
ávido (-a) avid
asusto (-a) scared
aniquilación annihilation
acariciar stroke
tentación (masc.) temptation
emborrachar(se) to get (oneself) drunk
muelle (masc.) dock, wharf
acorazado (masc.) battleship
pesadilla (fem.) nightmare
apego (masc.) addiction
agotado (-a) exhausted
aferrar to grasp
hierba (fem.) grass
madrugada (fem.) early morning, dawn
colgar to hang, to hang up (phone)
despavorido (-a) aghast
ginebra (fem.) gin
citado aforementioned
demás the rest
dueño (-a) owner
ajeno (masc.) alien
agravar to aggravate
áspero (-a) rough
chillido (masc.) screech, scream
espantado (-a) frightened
tumba (fem.) grave, tomb
sudor (masc.) sweat
anonadado (-a) dumbfounded
basura (fem.) garbage
escatimar to spare, to skimp on
bajeza baseness
vasallo (masc.) vassal
infiel unfaithful
momentáneamenta momentarily
traicionado (-a) betrayed
enlodado (-a) muddy
ausencia (fem.) absence
acometer undertake
represalia (fem.) reprisal
flaco (-a) skinny
escurridizo (-a) elusive
abúlico lacking
meter to put, to place
ente (masc.) entity, being, organization
maldije cursed
chiste (masc.) joke
sombrío gloomy
anteojos (masc.) eyeglasses
elogio (masc.) praise
apenas barely, scarcely
pieza (fem.) part, piece, room
casco (masc.) helmet
bisabuelo (-a) great-grandfather (mother)


Practice: Recognition | Recall | None | Shuffle
bastará decir que ... suffice it to say that ...
aunque ni el diablo sabe ... although devil knows ...
siempre he pensado que I've always thought ...
lo que quizá sea ... what may be ...
echar en el olvido to cast into oblivion
me caracterizo por ... I am characterized by ...
si no fuera porque ... if it were not ...
cuántas veces he quedado ... so many times I've been ...
hasta cierto punto ... to a certain point ...
esta afirmación no la hago porque ... I make this claim not because ...
eso es lo que llamo ... that is what I call ...
en lo que a me atañe ... as far as I'm concerned ...
bastaría un hecho para probarlo ... it's enough to prove it true ...
en todo caso ... in any case ...
no es de eso, sin embargo ... that is not, however ...
ya diré más adelante ... I will tell you later ...
si hay ocasión ... if there is time ...
sobre el asunto de ... on the subject of ...
como decía ... as I said ...
qué me mueve a ... what moved me to ...
no sé si ya dije ... I don't know if I already said ...
Me importa un bledo. I don't give a damn.
hace rato que ... it's been a while since ...
para prever lo que pensarán to forsee what they will think
me paracería ... it would seem to me
me hacen reír it makes me laugh
aun cuando se imagina que ... although even if one imagines that ...
en su forma más sutil in it's most subtle form
Cuando yo era chico ... When I was a boy ...
Ahora que no existe ... Now that it's (he's/she's) gone ...
debo decier que fue ... I must say that it (he/she) was ...
al que no le gustará, que no la leyese Those who will not like it will not read it
de todos modos anyway
ya que ahora soy as I am now
yo mismo I myself
se podrá preguntar alguien ... someone may ask you ...
y no obstante hay que ... and yet we must ...
¿Se dan cuenta de lo que quiero decier? Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
todos saben que ... everyone knows that ...
como fui haciéndome a la idea de ... how I came to the idea to ...
Trataré de relatar ... I will try to tell/relate ...
por tu culpa because of you
a través de through
quizá algún llamado apagado perhaps some would call off (vacant)
nadie se fijó no one noticed
sin dar importancia without giving importance
en aparencia in appeareance
en cambio however
quizá, algo así como perhaps something like
todo el dinero de que se dispone all the money available
hasta que se clausuró el salón until they closed the hall (salon)
durante los meses que sigueron ... during the following months ...
en cierto modo somehow
no supe qué hacer I didn't know what to do
la verdad es que ... the truth is ...
creo haber dicho que ... I think I've said that ...
por fin finally
soler to tend to, to be in the habit of
les tuve mucha envidia I envied them very much
la idea de que será ... the idea that will ...
me pondría a su lado I would put myself beside her
todo el mundo me daría la razón everyone would say I was right
que lo que a mí me parece ... that which seems to me ...
casi nunca lo es para ... almost never this is for ...
la causa de que no me haya decidido the cause of which, I haven't decided
tampoco sé ... neither do I know ...
temo que, si no lo explicó ... I fear that, if I don't explain it ...
por otro parte ... on the other hand ...
el que quiera dejar ... whoever wants to leave ...
¿Qué quiero decir with this ...? What do I want to say with eso ...?
guiñar un ojo to ink (an eye)
torcer la boca to twist (turn) the mouth
quizá cosas así me pasen maybe things pass me by
debo agregar que ... I must add that ...
recordé haber leído algo sobre ... I remember reading something about ...
puse cara de ... I feigned (put on the face of) ...
había un cantidad de ... there was a lot of ...
conocer de nombre to know by name
peor que lo demás worse than others
¿Que se pensaría? What would you think?
me pregunté de pronto I wondered suddenly
ya me torturaría más tarde whether it would torture me later
a medida que ... according as
a pesar de lo cual ... despite which ...
quizá por eso mismo ... perhaps by the same ...
con un rigor férreo ... through an unwavering rigor ...
a cabo de un tiempo ... after a time
por lo pronto for now
ahora me daba cuenta ... I now realized ...
correr hacia la nada to run to nowhere
a todos los que se me acercan to all who approach me
vieéndola allí miso seeing it right there
lagunas inexplicables unexplained gaps
a eso de las diez to about ten (o'clock)
de hacerme ir to make me go
por lo visto apparently, evidently
casi nunca lo es it almost never is
y así lo haré and that's how I'll do it
¿Cómo que the vas? What do you mean you're going?
Temo que tampoco vos me entiendas. I'm afraid you do not understand.

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