Spanish Lesson 09

Friday, October 15, 2004

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For this lesson, let's take a break and learn a few things you can throw into your Spanish to sound more fluent. Here are some nice ways to start sentences, and a few snappy responses thrown in as well.

entocesand then (as a result)
luegolater, and then
por ciertoby the way
es quesentence starter
lo que pasa es quesentence starter
a propósitoby the way, in reference to that
a ver (qué/si)...let's see (what/if)...
con razó wonder...
por eso...for that reason...
en anyhow...
total queso anyhow (begining of sentence)
resulta (que)it turns out (that)
fíjate (que)look...
menos mal (que)just as well (that)
la verdad es quetruth is
lo bueno es quethe good thing is
lo malo es quethe bad thing is
lo único es quethe only thing is
lo dificil es quethe hard thing is
lo peor es quethe worst thing is
lo mejor es quethe best thing is
lo raro es que, lo extraño es quethe strange thing is
lo chistoso es quethe funny thing is
lo increíble es quethe amazing thing is
lo (más) absurdo es quethe crazy thing is
puesummmm, well then
claro (que sí), ?`Cómo no?of course
está bienokay
consteI'll hold you to that
(buen) provechobon appetit
De acuerdo, hechoIt's a deal
¿Verdad?Really, Ain't that the truth
no me importaDosn't bother me
?`Y qué?, ?`Y eso qué?So what?
?`Y a mí qué?What's it to me
o seayou know, ummm, or huh?
ni hablardon't mention it, oh well, no way
cuando seawhenever
como seahowever
donde seawherever
quien seawhoever

Slang and Fun Stuff

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¿Qué pasó?What's happening? What's up?
¿Qué me cuentas?, ?`Qué me dices?What can you tell me? What's up?
CuídateTake it easy
Pórtate bienBehave yourself
la idiotaidiot
el tontosilly (fool)
el burrodonkey, dumb-bell
ignorante, cretino (-a)ignorant
de mal humorangry, pissed
el maléficone'er do well
el bajolow-life
el sabiondowise guy
En tus sueños!In your dreams!
¡Ni loco!Not even if I were crazy!
¡Ya basta!Enough already! Get outta town!
¡No puede ser!It can't be! I'm not experiencing this!
¡No me diga!Don't tell me that!

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